Fire truck AZ 1,6-40 (GAZ 33081) 2cab

Additional Info

  • Capacity: 1600 liters
  • Chassis type: GAZ
  • Chassis Drive Type: Drive Type 4х4
  • Pump location: from the back

Fire truck AZ  1,6-40 (33081) on all-wheel drive chassis GAZ 33081


  • Fire truck AZ 1,6-40 (33081) intended for:  
  • - for delivery to the fire site of fire personnel, fire extinguishing substances, fire-technical equipment (FTE) and rescue equipment (RE),
  • - for extinguishing fires and emergency rescue operations, using fire truck, fire personnel, fire extinguishing, substances, FTE and RE.

   The fire truck complies with the requirements of GOST R 53328 «Fire fighting vehicles. Major fire trucks. General technical requirements. Test methods», climatic modification «T» (operation at air temperature from -40º to +40ºC), placement category 1 (for outdoor use), operation in the atmosphere of types 1 and 2 (conditionally clean and industrial) according to GOST 15150, with placement, during the operational waiting period, in a room with air temperature up to +5º С.


General characteristics Fire truck AZ 1,6-40 (33081)


Capacity volume for water, l


Capacity volume for frother, l

100 (other as per customer request)

Overall dimensions (length / height / width), mm


Full mass, kg


Colorography schemes

 GOST R 50574-2002

Cab fire truck, the number of places for firefighting crew (including the driver's seat)

four-door cab, seven places;

cab front - all-metal standard chassis cabin, two-door, three places cab rear - frame-panel type, four-seater;

both parts of the cabin form a common saloon

Execution option of loading space of the fire truck

water tank, foam tank, fire pump, water and foam communications, body superstructure with compartments for fire-technical equipment and rescue equipment

Fire pump

normal pressure centrifugal fire pump NZPN-40/100, (according to GOST R 52283-2004 "Centrifugal fire pumps. General technical requirements. Test methods"), rear location

Completeness FTE

according to the standards of the Order of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia №425 of July 25, 2006

Placement FTE

in the compartments, taking into account the tactics of its operational use, to ensure the reliability of equipment fixation, accessibility, convenience and safety during removal and installation



General characteristics chassis GAZ 33081


Wheel formula / driving wheels

4 х 4 / all

The layout of the base chassis of a fire truck

engine layout front, longitudinal, cabin behind engine, loading workspace behind cabin

Wheelbase, mm


Wheel track (front / rear), mm

1820 / 1770

Engine (type, ecological class)

YaMZ-53443-10, four-stroke, diesel, Euro-5

Engine power, hp


Maximum speed, km/h


Gearbox (type)


Tires (type, size)